Born 1982 in Namyslow, Poland

Lives and works in Tromsø, Norway


2002-2007  Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland, Faculty of Visual Educations


2015-2019 Artist member in Nord-Norske Bildende Kunstnere(NNBK) Tromso, Norway

2014 Artist member in Troms fylkeskultursenter „Kysten”, Tromso, Norway

2023 Artist member in LNM(Landsforeningen Norske Malere), NBK(Norske Billedkunstnere), Norway


2022-2023 Two months residency at Kyoto Art Centre, Japan, organised by OCA – Office of Contemporary Art in Norway.

2022 International Painting Symposium „Mark Rothko 2022, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia

2018 Man in The Public Space, Gallery Ask, Åsgårdstrand, Norway


2021 Les Nouveaux Riches – Art and Cultural Magazine,, Vienna, Austria

2021 Art in public space, Konstdax_gatugalleri, Stockholm, Sweden


2018 Two – months  bike trip, „Balkans” Poland – Greece (Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Albania), around 2500 km

2017 Two – months bike trip, “Coastal Highway” Norway – Poland, around 3600 km.

2017 Four – months bike trip, New Zealand, around 5000 km.

2016 Two – months bike trip, Japan, around 3000 km.

2016 Three – months bike trip, „Victoria Lake” Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, around 4000 km.

2011-2012 One – year bike trip, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, around 9000 km.

Solo Exhibition (selected)

2023 Final exhibition, Gallery NPO ANEWAL, Kyoto, Japan

2022 Entangled Realities, AG18 Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2022  Agata M. Sulikowska, Harstad Kunstforening, Norway

2018 Man in The Public Space, Gallery Ask, Åsgårdstrand, Norway

2018 Agata M. Sulikowska-Malarstwo, Art Centre Baszta, Zbaszyn, Poland

Group Exhibition (selected)

2024 Up coming. 28th Annual No Dead Artists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

2024 Up coming. Duo exhibition with Synvis Glinn Nordin, Bodø Gallery, Norway

2023 Up coming. Tromsøutstillingen, Kulturhuset, Norway

2022 Final exhibition, Painting Symposium „Mark Rothko 2022”, Daugavpils, Latvia

2019 Kunstløypa – samtidskunst fra lokale kunstnere i byrommet, POP UP Gallery, Tromsø kommune, Norway

2019 Generalforsamling – jubileumsutstilling, Gallery Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær, Norway

2019 ”Urban Movement” opening Nordlysfestivalen exhibition, three man show: Elind Rui Lone Blix, Kai Mørk Mortense, Agata Magdalena Sulikowska, Kulturhuset, Tromsø, Norway.

2018 Tromsø OPEN 4, POP UP Gallery, Skippergata 1, Tromsø, Norway.

2018 Festival Experiment – Out of Cycle Province 18”, Art Center Baszta, Zbaszyn, Poland

2018 II Przegląd Sztuki Współczesnej Nowa Awangarda, The Wilson Shaft Gallery, Katowice, Poland

2018 BIAS 2018, International Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art, ”La Porta”, Palermo, Italy.

2017 Grand Prix – Fundacji im. Franciszki Eibisch 2017, Art Gallery Katarzyna Napiórkowska, Warsaw, Poland

2017 IV Niezalezny Salon Lodzkich Mlodych Tworcow, Museum City of Lodz, Poland

2017 IV Niezalezny Salon Lodzkich Mlodych Tworcow, Gallery ASP, Lodz, Poland

2017 The Dance of Reality – Agata M. Sulikowska, Nathanaël Gustin, Silvia E. Martinez, Loft, Kysten, Troms-fylkeskultursenter, Tromso, Norway

2017 La Folie Des Grandeurs – Agata M. Sulikowska & Nathanaël Gustin, Beates Black Box, Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway

2016 ART NOW, The National Museum in Krakow, Poland

2015 Temporary Memories, Agata Sulikowska(Poland), Isadora Cuellar(Mexico), Maria Gallo(Peru), Silvia E. Martinez(Argentinian-Canadian), Pop-Up Gallery, Veita Centre, Tromos, Norway

2015 Avtrykk- Uttrykk- Impressions, Graphics Workshop „Prima Ink”, Troms County Cultural CentreTromso, Norway

2014, 2=TO=OPEN TROMSO, Gamle Bangsundbrygga and Kysten Atelierelleskap Tromso, Norway


2013 Christa Schell Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2013 …wir fahr´n nach Lodz!.., Nürnberg(Krakauer Haus und Turm)

2013 …wir fahr´n nach Lodz!.., Stuttgart(Haus des Landtags)

2013 …wir fahr´n nach Lodz!.., Leipzig(Airport Leipzig/Halle, Zentralterminal)

2013 …wir fahr´n nach Lodz!.., Köln(Galerie des Grundbesitzerverein)

2012 ART POETRY&MUSIC, Ase Kristin Urdal-piano, Juan Fran Torres-gitar, Hans Rune Fuhr-sculpture and poetry, Agata Sulikowska-paintings, Gaupne Hotel, Norway

2010 Proscenium Art’ Exhibition, Fringe Event for the RTE All Ireland Drama Festival, Reeves Art Studio, Athlone, Ireland

2009 Work in Progress, Battery Heights Art Group, Public Library, Athlone, Ireland

2009 XIII International Biennial of Small Graphic Form and Exlibris in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Museum of City, Poland

2009 V Concurso Pintura Rapida Villa de Ibi, Centre of Culture, Ibi, Spain

2009 The Painting of Public Space, Gallery PROFIL, Poznan, Poland

2008 PO=ROWNANIA,  Sebastian Kularski and Roksana Kularska-Krol, Gallery XX Centry a House Habitat Creative in Kielce, Poland

2008 Exhibition Drum and Bass, Pub Biddy Mulligans, Athlone, Ireland

2008 ASP Year 2007, Exhibition of Best Masters Diploma Art Works, Strzeminski Academy of Art and Design Gallery and National Museum of Centre, Lodz, Poland

2007 Colorfull Kazimierz – Roksana Kularska-Krol and Paranoi Dream – Agata Sulikowska, Youth Tallent Gallery, Art Market, Lodz, Poland

2007 XII International Biennial of Small Graphic Form and Exlibris in Ostrow Wielkopolski, City Museum, Poland

2007 Prof T. Chojnacki Print Studio, Gallery Kuvataideakatemian, Helsinki, Finland

2006 Prof T. Chojnacki Print Studio, Strzeminski Academy of Art and Design, Lodz, Poland

2005 Open Workshops, Art Book Museum, Lodz, Poland

2005 Painting of the Year, internet exhibition(

2005 Charity Auction of student’s artwork for Anna Maria Hospital, Art Museum Ksiezy Mlyn, Lodz Poland

2004 Open Workshops, Art Book Museum, Lodz, Poland

2004 Open Gallery, Gallery Opus, Lodz, Poland

Work experience

2018  “Folkets Barentskjokken Project” run by Agata M. Sulikowska, Barents Spektakel, Kikrenes, Norway

2017 Acrylic painting course for children between 12–15 years old, at Trondjord Skole, Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway

2007-2008 (commission art contract), 
company: Muddy Hill Productions, positions and obligations: exhibition stage design creator, Martins Geauvran production, film ̈ The Box ̈, Lodz, Poland

2007 (commission art contract), company: SE – MA – FOR Film Productions, positions and obligations: exhibition stage design creator ̈Egypt –Pharaoh ́s curse ̈, by Parc Miniature Company, Lodz, Poland

2006 – 2007 Practice as an art teacher at Kluczbork Community Centre, Kluczbork, Poland

2004 – 2005 Practice as an art teacher at Complex of Schools No. 3 of the Socio–Educational Association, Lodz, Poland

Collections (selected)

2022 Work hold in Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia

2021 Work held in private collection in Tromsø, Norway

2019 KulturHuset in Tromsø, Norway

2018 Work donated to University in Tromsø, Faculty of Peace and Conflict Transformation(MPCT), Norway

2018 Work held in private collections in Oslo, Norway

2017 Work held in private collections in Kluczbork, Poland

2016 Work held in private collections in Bydgoszcz, Poland

2016 Works held in private collections in Tromsø, Norway

2015 Work held in private collections in Tromsø, Norway

2013 Work held in private collections in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2009 Work held in private collection in Ibi, Spain