sound-painting installation

„Alter Ego” – painting: Agata M. Sulikowska, music: Sebastian Siekielewski, 2018

Festiaval Experiment – Out of Cycle Province 18, project: Agata M. Sulikowska, joik: Niko-Mihkal Valkeapää, 2018.

The project was exhibited in two rooms. In one of them was drawing on the wall (shamanic ceremonial Saami drum), with black tape on the floor stuck in shape of traditional Saami temporary dwelling – Lavvo, with a peaces of charcoal inside(symbol of fire) and traditional form of song (yoik) made by Niko-Mihkal Valkeapää(Finland). The yoik say story about reindeer who is crossing the border. In this project I refer to traditional drawing techniques and decoration of artistic and shamanic objects used by the people of northern Scandinavia. The suggestion was to alludes the viewer to the prehistoric times, when ancient man was painting on the wall or ceilings 40 000 years ago. In the other room I refer to our modern times. It it collection of 4 acrylic portrait paintings made for exhibition „The Dance of Reality”(look, below video), together with sound engineer Nathanael Gustin(France). Painting depict people who came to north of Scandinavia for different reasons like work, study, love. Among them, there are also local people saying they own stories and stories of  they ancestors. All my protagonist really exist and all are using they own mother language.

„The Dance of Reality” – Agata M. Sulikowska, Nathanael Gustin, 2017

Project prepared for the IKT- International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, exhibited at “Kysten”, Cultur Centre, Tromsø, Norway, 2017 and also BIAS 2018, International Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art, ”La Porta”, Palermo, Italy, 2018

„La Folie Des Grandeurs” – Agata M. Sulikowska, Nathaniael Gustin, 2017

Project prepared for Beates Black Box, Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway.